Thursday, October 29, 2009

Criminal Urban Warfare in Rio de Janeiro

Hello, from Rio de Janeiro...possibly one of the most beautiful cties in the western world!

And, possibly one of the most dangerous cities, living under the constant threat of criminal urban warfare. There has never been a more appropriate time for teaching Krav Maga to the law-abiding populace of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil!

Allow me to make a quick comparison...

New York City
New York City Murders Fall Once Again
By Matthew Harwood

Via The New York Times:

The police said that there were 494 recorded homicides in 2007, meaning that the city had so far logged fewer than 500 for the first time since reliable statistics became available 44 years ago. Last year, there were 596 homicides. Continuing a 15-year trend, the murder rate in New York City has gone lower than many would have imagined. It's dramatic said Joseph A. Pollini, a professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. It's phenomenal. It's sort of unheard of.

And now, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil -
Rio registra queda de 10,1% no número de assassinatos de janeiro a agosto deste ano

Nielmar de Oliveira
Repórter da Agência Brasil

Rio de Janeiro - O número de homicídios dolosos (quando a pessoa tem intenção de matar) caiu em todo o estado do Rio de Janeiro, registrando de janeiro a agosto o menor número de vítimas para o período em toda a série histórica, desde 1991.

Segundo levantamento do Instituto de Segurança Pública (ISP) relativa à incidência criminal no RJ, de janeiro a agosto foram registrados em todo o estado foram registrados 3.702 vitimas, contra 4.116 de igual período do ano passado, uma queda de10,1% (menos 414 mortes).

Murders registered in New York City during 2008: 596!
Murders registered in Rio de Janeiro from January through August 2009: 3,702!

There has never been a more appropriate time for teaching Krav Maga to the law-abiding populace of Rio de Janeiro!

I've just had an "Intro to Krav Maga article published in two local Rio de Janeiro magazines. I'm posting them up here, so that you'all can check them out!

The cover of the current issue of the Revista Util, in which the following article is published.

Simultaneously, an "Introduction to Krav Maga" article appears in a trade magazine, also illustrating below, the locale of the Krav Maga training sessions, which occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 17 - 18:30 hrs.

Ten days ago, gang members from one of Rios slums (Morro São João) attacked the members of another gang from the favela Morro dos Macacos. At the first rays of daylight, police troops converged on the scene, looking to stop the private war that had been raging all through the night. What was different this time was that, for the first time, the street thugs (who, by the way, are armed with military calibre weapons!) managed to shoot down a police helicopter that had 5 officers inside. The pilot was able to land the craft, but the helicopter exploded a few seconds after touching the ground, killing three of the ocupants.

Here is video footage of the incident....

One week before this helicopter incident, the wife of an acquaintance of mine was kidnapped at a business that she owns. The 24-year-old thug was attempting to escape from an aborted heist he had tried to perpetrate on a postal delivery truck and had been chased down by police, when he dashed into a pharmacy, looking for a back door. Armed with a hand grenade, he decided to take a woman hostage inorder to negotiate a safe getaway. He was demanding a taxi to take him safely back to the favela where he used to live. All the while he held the woman hostage, he was swearing that he would never be going back to prison... and twice, he pulled the pin out of the grenade, threatening to explode the both of them. After the second time that he pulled the pin out of the grenade, the police made the (internal) decision to take him out....which is what you see in this clip.

Now, I'd like to share with you a demonstration clip put on by my colleagues from my alma mater, The Krav Maga Federation, in New York City! This is the style that I trained and graduated in and it is this style that I am teaching in Rio de Janeiro!

For more information, please view and

Monday, October 19, 2009

Krav Maga Brazil Blog Debut!

Hello, Friends!

Welcome to this debut edition of my Blog dedicated to krav maga and martial arts in general!
While my efforts with this ongoing publication will be dedicated more to my Krav maga activities in
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, simply because this is where i am located, right now. However, I will be sharing news from the Krav Maga community worldwide, as these are brought to my attention.

My alma matter, the Krav maga Federation of New York City, led by 5th Dan Chief Instructor Rhon Mizrachi will soon be moving out of their location at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. KMF-NYC has secured a new headquarters location in Manhattan and they are busy with the total renovation of the space. I’ll post photos of the new KMF training center once it’s completed, but if you’d like to view photos of the building process, you may see some on the KMF forum site, which you may access via the official site -

KMF – Brazil has a new channel on YouTube: kravmagabrazil! The following are some of the first clips that I’ve uploaded, featuring training at the New York training center, which I witnessed the last time that I visited my buddies there.

This clip features Instructor Kel Eli demonstrating a defense against a frontal choke.

This Clip shows Instructor Kel Eli leading a class through na Upper-cut elbow attack.